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Exploration and Production

With Makoil Strengthening and expanding the resource base is one of the Company’s strategic objectives. The sound resource base ensures the stability of production activities and achievement of targeted volumes of hydrocarbon production. The Company carries out a significant volume of exploration work, extends the portfolio of licenses showing stable replenishment of oil and gas reserves.

The Company’s fields and license blocks are located in various oil and gas provinces of Republic of Tatarstan and even further to some province of Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia. When conducting exploration, the Company pays considerable attention to the use of new technologies and equipment, and support of operations by research and development institutes as well as design institutes which makes it possible to increase its efficiency.

Oil Fields development & Oil and Gas Production

«Makoil» LLC operates various oil fields in regions under Republic of Tartastan and Western Siberia, some of which the company operates under contractual basis and most are wholly owned by the company. The company's operated oil fields in Western Siberia and Eastern Siberia are mostly on partnership with local oil bloc holders.


In the upstream sector, the Company is committed to ensuring production volumes which allows it to maintain a balance between economic efficiency and rational use of mineral resources. «Makoil» LLC maintains the production levels at mature fields and actively develops hard-to-recover reserves. At the same time, the Company actively develops promising fields creating new centers of oil production.

Over the past years, the Company has been maintaining a stable level of oil production focusing on the improvement of oil recovery factor which is one of the highest in the country.

The Company consistently ensures an increase in the level of production, In the past year alone, 145 new production wells were put into operation at the fields of «Makoil» LLC The average flow rate of new wells was 11.6 tons of oil per day about 96 wells were developed for water injection.

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Our Crude Oil & Gas Production Geometric and refining 

«Makoil» LLC pays special attention to the operating activity in the field of gas production and transportation, its processing volume growth and electricity generation increase at the Company’s own power plants. The most advanced equipment is used to ensure maximum performance of associated petroleum gas use in all our operated fields both wholly owned and third parties.

Gas processing is the important part of an integrated system for collecting and utilising associated petroleum gas. Gas processing plant of the Company is an up-to-date complex enabling to produce dry stripped gas and liquid hydrocarbons which are widely used in the industrial and business activity in Russia. Products of the plant have high qualitative characteristics and meet the requirements of the state standards of the Russian Federation and technical regulations of the Customs Union as well as EU standards.

«Makoil» LLC regularly upgrades its production facilities. The Refineries of which the company works implements an innovation strategy of phased improvement of process flow diagram aimed at further enhancement of petroleum products quality, operating expenditures reduction and industrial and environmental safety improvement. 

Drilling wells inside and outside the

Republic of Tatarstan

Currently there are wells being constructed in Cheremshan-Bastryk, Tlyanchi-Tamakthe and the Samara Region. Outside the Republic of  There were 121 wells constructed and commissioned during 6 months of 2019 (93 wells for the same period of 2018), including:

Production drilling - 60 wells;  exploratory drilling - 3 wells , bitumen drilling - 58 wells.

Drilling on the Old Well Stock There were 31 wells commissioned in the category of sidetracks and horizontal wellbore drilling during 6 months of 2019 (21 wells during the same period of 2018).

For operational well work-over, the company has three coiled tubing complexes, with the help of which the wells are flushed from salts, asphalt-resinous paraffin deposits, hydrate plugs and sand. Also, using coiled tubing, perforation is performed due to fluid pressure.

Makoil Group team

is all about, Integrity, Professional competence, effectiveness and innovation.

"We are always open for fruitful cooperation and  interesting proposals."

Mr. Ishkineev Damir Azatovich

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