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Environmental policy of «Makoil» PJSC

Basic principles of the Environmental policy of  our Company

«Makoil» LLC in a mandatory manner brings the provisions and principles of the Environmental policy to the attention of each employee, that also cover contractors and subcontractors which perform works for the Company. The Environmental policy is subject to revision, adjustment and improvement in case «Makoil» LLC changes its development priorities and operational conditions.

  • Systematic minimization of the negative environmental impact of technological processes and mitigation of the environmental risks through implementation of the best available technologies as well as scientific and technical achievements.

  • Giving priority to prevention of the negative environmental impact as compared to mitigation of consequences of such an impact.

  • Maintaining industrial and environmental safety in line with up-to-date international standards and requirements.

  • Rational use of natural resources based on implementation of innovative environmentally friendly and resource saving technologies.

  • Systematic control over compliance with industrial and environmental safety requirements.

  • Preservation of the primordial living environment, traditional way of life, housekeeping activities and industries of the small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North.

  • Environmental monitoring in the areas of the Company’s operations.

  • Improvement of environmental activity and environmental management system in the Company’s subdivisions.

  • Improvement of the personnel’s environmental skills.

  • Cooperation with parties concerned, public organisations and the media.

  • Transparency of the socially significant information on the Company’s environmental efforts.

In accordance with the basic principles of the Environmental policy, «Makoil» JSC undertakes the following responsibilities;

  • Comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation in the fields of environmental protection and sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population.

  • Conduct a strategic environmental assessment, including assessment of a cumulative effect from an aggregate impact while implementing large-scale infrastructure projects of the Company.

  • Conduct a comprehensive environmental impact assessment (EIA) of projects from construction to decommissioning of facilities.

  • Additionally assess environmental risks while developing project documentation for the construction of facilities in environmentally sensitive and valuable areas.

  • Ensure efficient environmental activity and improve its control system.

  • Improve industrial and environmental safety at the Company’s facilities, assume required measures to mitigate accident risk of oilfield equipment and provide integrity of pipeline systems.

  • Enhance energy efficiency of production processes at all production stages.

  • Reduce motor fuel consumption and improve the environmental performance of the Company’s vehicles.

  • Ensure rational nature management, mitigation of a negative impact on the environmental components and compensation of possible damage to the environment.

  • Apply the «green office» principles.

  • Implement all possible measures on biodiversity conservation, preservation of animal migration paths in the areas of operations, timely reclamation of disturbed lands as well as reduction of natural landscapes fragmentation by laying linear facilities in the existing utility line areas and placing site facilities on previously disturbed lands within existing industrial sites.

  • Avoid carrying out works in the territory of World Natural Heritage sites and wetlands having international significance and in specially protected natural reservations when designing site structures and oilfield infrastructure facilities. In the absence of such possibility — observe a special mode of business activities.

  • Take account of interests and rights of the small-numbered indigenous peoples to lead the traditional way of life and preserve their traditional settlement territories historically inhabited by their ancestors.

  • Observe current rules and standards of the Company’s employees’ conduct when implementing the Company’s projects, including waste management standards and prohibition of hunting, fishing and gathering wild-growing herbs, and require the contractors to comply with these rules and standards.

  • Organise environmental education of the Company’s employees and their regular professional training.

  • Ensure wide availability of environmental information on the Company’s business activities, transparent environmental activity and decisions made in this area.

  • Apply environmental standards of the Company to the activity of contractors.

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