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Welcome to Makoil

We are committed and dedicated to supply of petroleum and petroleum products to buyers both locally and internationally.

About company

«Makoil» LLC is one of the largest private vertically integrated oil companies in Russia and the CIS, merging exploration, drilling and production units, oil refining, gas processing and oil export. the company and its affiliated legal entities are engaged in geological research, exploration and production of hydrocarbons at fields and subsoil areas in regions around the Republic of Tatarstan ad Western Siberia - in the Irkutsk Region

The company has a positive record and confident position in the market and it holds the status as one of the largest oil trader in the Republic of Tatarstan. By 2016, the company started to actively diversification of their business interests. Till date the company is dynamically developing oil production and refining, the export of petroleum and petroleum products, oil waste utilisation and gas exportation, especially to Asia.

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